Miter Noticed Vs Round Noticed: A Patrons Information For Learners

Miter saws vs round saws? Can’t resolve which instrument you want first? Each are nice energy instruments used for transforming, woodworking and metallic tasks. On this article, we check out the benefits and downsides of each, so you can also make the best determination for which one to purchase first.

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Whenever you begin DIYing, whether or not you’re constructing your individual furnishings or reworking your private home, one of many first huge instrument purchases you’ll most likely need to make is a noticed. However must you purchase a round noticed or a miter noticed to get you began?

This information will assist you resolve which noticed you can purchase first so as to add to your set of instruments, which noticed is greatest to make use of for which job, and the principle variations and advantages between the miter noticed and round noticed.

Discover out which noticed to purchase first and the variations between the instruments when you might have them.

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What’s a round noticed?

A circular saw is a handheld power-saw, usually with a 5 1/2″ to 7 1/4″ inch round blade, used to chop wooden, metallic, masonry, tile or plastic, relying in your mission wants.  This noticed will lower materials as much as 3 inches thick relying on the blade diameter.  They’re offered corded and cordless.

There are additionally mini circular saws (corded and cordless) with blades from 3 3/8″ to 4 1/2″ which may lower materials 1 1/2″ to 2″ thick, akin to sheets of plywood.  

Round saws are compact saws, are very transportable, and take up much less cupboard space. With a round noticed the noticed slides on the fabric and blade is pushed via the fabric to chop it. This implies you might have to pay attention to what’s under the piece you’re reducing.

Because of this, many DIYers use a sheet of foam insulation beneath the fabric they’re reducing — the froth insulation board helps the fabric whereas permitting the round noticed blade to chop utterly via (and into the froth) with out damaging the blade. It’s also possible to use scrap 2×4 boards as assist — the blade will lower notches within the boards whereas the boards assist the sheet of lumber.

Round saws are nice for rip cuts (reducing throughout the grain) or straight cuts (reducing with the grain) on plywood or different sheet items, lumber or moldings.  They’re compact and transportable permitting you to make use of wherever across the job web site.  This kind of noticed may be very versatile and an amazing noticed for learners simply beginning out and needing an influence noticed.

A newbie round noticed is usually cheaper than a newbie miter noticed, so this generally is a nice first buy to get you began once you’re reworking.

We bought a round noticed earlier than we bought a miter noticed to make use of for our reworking and tasks. We used ours rather a lot for tasks like, framing new partitions, constructing cupboards, furnishings for round the home, and pergolas and decks within the yard.

Sorts of Round Saws

There are two essential forms of round saws offered at retail shops. The sidewinder and the worm-drive.  They each have nice reducing skills and advantages.  For the skilled there’s additionally a monitor noticed model.

The primary noticed we bought is the sidewinder kind.   The sidewinder kind is mostly utilized by house house owners. 

Sidewinder Round Noticed 

Usually utilized by DIYers.

Sidwewinder Circular Saw
  • Motor on the facet inline with the rotation of the blade 
  • Blade guard is a security function typical on most round saws
  • Quick spinning blade round 6000 RPM
  • Proper handed with motor on the left of the deal with 
  • Tougher to see the cutline and facet of the blade
  • Gentle weight
  • Compact as a result of the motor is on the facet
  • Huge number of value ranges, from cheap light-duty saws to dearer heavier responsibility saws

Worm-drive Round Saws 

Principally utilized by skilled framers.

  • Motor on the rear of blade on the left, higher sightlines for reducing
  • Slower Blade Velocity at round 4500 RPM
  • Elevated torque – higher for more durable woods
  • Higher sight line to the blade
  • Requires oil for the gears on some fashions
  • Heavier to deal with
  • Longer noticed, not as compact
  • Value vary is dearer

Monitor Saws

Utilized by superior DIYers and professionals; that is the kind of noticed you’ll see at House Depot or Lowe’s after they lower down sheet lumber for you.

  • Most correct for lengthy straight cuts
  • Quick spinning blade round 6000 RPM 
  • Slides in a superbly straight monitor clamped to the fabric
  • Greatest on sheet items

For related monitor noticed functionality with an everyday round noticed, you possibly can add on a circular saw guide track or use this DIY hack to arrange your individual round noticed information.

Round Noticed Blade Sizes and Sorts

Relying on the mission there are a number of blade sorts and sizes on the market.  They’ve blades only for plywood, ripping lumber, forms of wooden or specialty blades for metals, plastics and different supplies. Beneath is an inventory of blades and what they’re good for.  Round noticed blades are spherical and are available numerous sizes.   

Our favourite noticed blade is the Diablo.  It’s made for reducing via wooden and nails making it the right noticed blade for a remodeler.

When selecting round noticed blades you want to know:

  1. what materials you may be reducing
  2. how huge of a blade your noticed can maintain
  3. what tooth rely you need (AKA: what high quality of lower you want)

Beneath are the three issues to contemplate when choosing a noticed blade.

Supplies to chop

Every round noticed blade will probably be created and rated for various supplies. That is clearly marked on the packaging in addition to normally printed straight on the noticed blade.

  • Wooden: Hardwoods, softwoods, plywood
  • Wooden and Metallic
  • Metallic
  • Aluminum and Plastic
  • Composite Decking
  • Fiber Cement
  • Laminate Flooring

Blade Dimension

5 1/2 inch to 7 1/4 inch are the most typical sizes for the round noticed. There are blades as much as 17 inches relying on the noticed however they don’t seem to be as frequent. The larger the blade the broader and deeper of a lower you can also make. Make sure to examine the blade housing and instruction guide of your noticed to know what dimension(s) of blade it might take.

Tooth (aka High quality of the Lower)

The extra enamel a blade has, the cleaner the lower.  Relying on the fabric you’re reducing and accuracy of the lower you want you’ll need to decide on primarily based on that. The variety of enamel can also be typically tied to the fabric you’re reducing, so examine the packaging on the blade in addition to the instruction guide of your noticed.

Round Noticed Suggestions

Associated equipment, upgrades or add-ons for Round saws:

What’s a miter noticed?

 A miter saw has its personal sturdy base that it’s connected to for extra correct cuts angles and stability. Typically they’re connected to a bench prime or transportable stand for ease of use.  Miter saws do take up extra cupboard space due to their form and dimension, particularly if they arrive with a stand.  

With a miter noticed the fabric sits on the bottom plate and the blade is pulled down to chop via the fabric.

There are single bevel miter saws and double bevel miter saws.  Miter saws are designed to make correct bevel and miter angled cuts for trim work, moldings, image frames, framing and different normal carpentry tasks.

The blade is usually 10 to 12 inches relying on the noticed.  The blade and motor transfer up and down to chop the fabric on the desired angle.  Relying on the blade you possibly can lower wooden, metallic and plastics.  Usually the miter noticed is used for cross reducing lengthy boards to size.  It’s also referred to as a chop noticed.

Our first miter noticed noticed in 2003 was a typical single bevel miter noticed, that means that the bevel angle might solely be completed by the noticed rotating right down to the left.  After we began engaged on the trim work of the home we seen the necessity for extra correct cuts for our crown molding and trim work, thus the miter noticed buy.

Years later in 2015, we upgraded to a Ridgid double bevel compound sliding miter saw that has been wonderful to have.  There may be a lot extra you are able to do with the sliding miter noticed and the double bevel for angled cuts.  It’s my go to noticed as a result of it’s plugged in and able to go always.

Do I want a miter noticed if I’ve a round noticed? 

Like talked about earlier than, all of it depends upon the kind of mission you’re engaged on.  Miter saws are greatest for trim work and round saws are greatest for reducing aside sheet items (plywood and many others).  We ended up having each due to the kind of tasks that include reworking rooms in a home may be various.

For much more detailed and exact cuts on sheet items or for ripping boards to thinner widths (like reducing our personal 2x2s from a 2×4) we even have a desk noticed that’s the star of our amazing table saw workbench.

Is a miter noticed higher than a round noticed?

Brief reply is they’re totally different and attain totally different duties.

But additionally in my view, sure as a result of I really like my miter noticed a lot.  For all of the correct cuts wanted for trim work that we do for our homes it’s my go to noticed.  Though the round noticed is ideal for reducing up sheets items (which can’t be completed on a miter noticed in any respect) and is extra transportable, we use the miter noticed first each time.  For sheet items we do have a table saw setup for these forms of cuts.  So we use the round noticed as our third go to noticed.

When choosing a miter noticed think about the noticed stand it comes (or that may be bought to go along with it) as a result of it might add to the portability of the noticed and the convenience of use, which in flip makes it extra helpful.

Three Completely different Sorts of Miter Saws

There are three essential forms of miter saws relying in your wants and finances: customary miter noticed (or chop noticed), compound miter noticed, and sliding compound miter noticed.

Commonplace Miter Noticed (AKA chop noticed)

  • Greatest for reducing smaller materials like 2×4’s and a pair of×6’s, easy trim work
  • Decrease price
  • Extra transportable and straightforward to maneuver between job websites
  • Bevel angle solely to at least one facet (a real chop noticed is simply straight 90-degree cuts)
  • Restricted width and depth of lower (smaller noticed blade means much less width for every lower)

Compound Miter Noticed

  • Greatest for crown molding
  • Reasonable price
  • Moveable and straightforward to maneuver; usually heavier than a primary miter noticed
  • Miter and bevel angles on left and proper
  • Restricted width and depth of lower, relying on noticed blade dimension

Sliding Compound Miter Noticed

Sliding Double Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • Greatest for reducing bigger width materials like, shelving, bench tops and many others; also can do trim work and crown molding
  • Greater price
  • Not as transportable and takes up extra room; higher for retailers
  • Miter and bevel on either side
  • Can lower bigger angles past 90 levels
  • Might be purchased with a stand, or a stand bought later

Miter Noticed Blade Sizes and Sorts

When selecting miter noticed blades you want to know

  1. what materials you may be reducing
  2. how huge of a blade your noticed can maintain
  3. the standard of the lower you want (decided by the variety of enamel on the blade).

We now have had one of the best outcomes with Diablo blades through the years. They’ve lasted the longest for us and made one of the best cuts for our wants.

Beneath are the three issues to contemplate when choosing a noticed blade.

Supplies to chop

  • Wooden: Hardwoods, softwoods, plywood
  • Wooden and Metallic
  • Metallic
  • Aluminum and Plastic
  • Composite Decking
  • Fiber Cement
  • Laminate Flooring

Blade Dimension

10 inch and 12 inch are the most typical sizes for the miter noticed. The larger the blade, the broader and deeper the cuts you can also make.

Tooth Depend

Blades include many various enamel counts starting from 18 enamel to over 100 enamel. Fewer enamel makes for a sooner however rougher lower. A better variety of enamel offers you a slower however cleaner lower that will probably be smoother. Your miter noticed blade enamel rely will differ relying on the fabric it’s made for and the accuracy of the lower you want.

Miter Noticed Suggestions

Associated equipment, upgrades or add-ons for Miter saws:

Price range miter noticed alternate options for small tasks

In case you don’t personal a miter noticed and simply must make a number of cuts, attempt these straightforward choices for making angled cuts and not using a miter noticed:

  1. MITER BOX AND HAND SAW: Just a bit little bit of elbow grease required to chop 90-degree, 45-degree, and 22-1/2 diploma angles for trim, image frames, or different easy tasks.
  2. JIG SAW: To get a straight lower with a jigsaw, arrange a information like this. In case your jigsaw has an adjustable foot, you may as well bevel the lower.
    • Tip: Make sure to examine the blade since most jig noticed blades are designed to offer a clear lower on the underside of the fabric as an alternative of the highest.

Variations Between the Miter Noticed and Round Noticed

Now that you’ve got a great understanding of what every noticed is and does, lets examine the 2.

And you may also be questioning: how does a desk noticed examine to a miter noticed and round noticed? We’ll discuss extra about desk saws in a unique publish, however for simplicity: a desk noticed is mainly a stationary round noticed, set in a housing. The blade is adjustable for depth and angle like a round noticed, and the mounting permits for very correct and really straight cross cuts and rip cuts.

FEATURE Miter Noticed Round Noticed
Blade Chopping Blade pulled down into materials Blade pushed via materials
Lower Accuracy Extra correct cuts Much less correct cuts relying if a fence is used or not 
Dimension Bigger to retailer and use Extra compact to retailer and transfer round
Portability Usually mounted on counter prime or stand Handheld and extra transportable
Versatility Much less versatile however extra correct Extra versatile however much less correct
Weight Heavier Lighter weight
Energy RPM 3200 to 4500 RPM 4,000 and 5,000 RPM
Amps Between 10 and 15 Amps Between 10 and 15 Amps
Value Prices extra ($100 +) Prices much less ($30 +)
Security Safer to make use of as a result of its extra stationary and has blade covers Requires extra focus and space whereas reducing
Ease of Use Simpler to have setup and able to use Wants further setup for straight cuts

How a lot ought to I spend on a miter noticed or round noticed?

On this Remodelaholic’s opinion: if it’s in your finances, spend extra for a higher-quality instrument.

Let me let you know why.

We first began reworking homes in 2002. One of many first energy instruments we bought was a corded Craftsman round noticed. We wanted a highly effective instrument to chop out and exchange outdated ground boards within the entry means of our 1905 home.  It was the right instrument for the job as a result of I used to be in a position to safely plunge lower the blade proper the place I needed it in to the wooden planks to switch the ground boards. 

That round noticed wasn’t the least costly possibility, nevertheless it wasn’t the costliest both. It did the job we would have liked then, and it’s completed many different tasks within the final 20 years as a result of we STILL have it and use it repeatedly!

Shopping for a top quality instrument will get monetary savings over time. Dearer instruments last more, usually want fewer repairs, and are typically simpler to make use of and preserve (which makes you extra seemingly to make use of them and develop your abilities)

If you actually need a finances possibility, Harbor Freight has stable budget-friendly instruments, and Ryobi has reasonably priced instruments which can be nice for a newbie.

In case you can afford it *and* in case you’ll be utilizing it for a number of tasks, dearer saws (like Dewalt, Ridgid, Jet, Bosch, and Milwaukee) are undoubtedly price the additional preliminary expense.

Completely different Sorts of Cuts and the Greatest Noticed for the Lower

What kind of DIY tasks are you engaged on or planning to work on?

Are you going to be doing a little DIY reworking tasks in your house? In case you are planning on making cuts which can be exact for trim molding versus tough reducing plywood sheets to dimension for woodworking tasks, you’ll need totally different instruments. This text will assist you resolve on the kind of noticed you would wish to get first.

Cut Types Diagram With Text

Cross Cuts

Cross cuts are made by reducing with the noticed blade 90 diploma to the face of the wooden and perpendicular to the size of the fabric alongside the sting, in opposition to the grain of the wooden.

With the assistance of a clamping straight edge guide, longer crosscuts may be made on sheet items.

BEST CUT BY: miter noticed for brief cuts, round noticed with edge information (or a desk noticed) for wider cuts

PROJECT IDEA: Build this entire modern console table (at any size you need) or a tall shoe cubby shelf utilizing solely straightforward straight cross cuts.

Miter Cuts

Miter cuts are angled cuts made throughout the face or width of the fabric.

BEST CUT BY: miter noticed

PROJECT IDEA: Build a simple entry bench, a wood hexagon serving tray or a set of easy triangle tree ornament displays utilizing cross cuts and angled miter cuts.


Sure! A round noticed could make angled cuts (miter cuts) throughout the face or width of the fabric. If the blade is adjustable, it might additionally make bevel cuts and compound cuts.

Nonetheless it’s extra correct to make use of a miter noticed for miter cuts (and bevel and compound cuts). A round noticed can lower miters when utilizing a gradual hand and a carpenters sq. or for a newbie a jig may be clamped down as a information.

Additionally with the proper of miter box or a cross cut station you should use your round noticed as a really primary miter noticed to make your cuts extra exact.

Bevel Cuts

A bevel lower is an angled lower made via the thickness of the fabric.

BEST CUT BY: miter noticed

PROJECT IDEA: Get the attractive waterfall leg fashion on our outdoor coffee table with drink trough by making a beveled lower on the nook items.

Compound Cuts

Compound miter angles are each a bevel lower and a miter lower on the similar time.  

BEST CUT BY: miter noticed for greatest accuracy and security

PROJECT IDEA: Build a cedar monogram planter box for porch flowers — we’ve completed all of the angle math for you 🙂

45-degree Angle Lower

A 45-degree angled lower is a particular kind of miter lower, all the time used for making rectangular or sq. image frames. It may be lower with each a round noticed and a miter noticed, however is most precisely completed with a miter noticed.

BEST CUT BY: miter noticed

PROJECT IDEA: Construct an giant image body or a set of reader-favorite scrap wood herringbone trees for the porch.

Rip Cuts

Circular Saw Rip Cut

Rip cuts are made by reducing alongside the size of fabric with the grain. Rip cuts are usually longer cuts alongside the total size of a board or a sheet of lumber.

BEST CUT BY: round noticed 

Be aware: Some miter saws can rotate to make rip cuts. My father-in-law had a compound sliding miter noticed that might rotate 90 levels to permit for making rip cuts.  That was a really useful noticed for a small workshop.

PROJECT IDEA: Build a toy cubby storage shelf from only one sheet of plywood, ripped to widths and cross-cut.

Plunge Cuts

Plunge cuts are completed by rigorously plunging the rotating blade within the the fabric pivoting the noticed down whereas resting the entrance of the noticed base in opposition to the fabric.  Round saws work greatest for some of these cuts.  That is the kind of lower I used on the ground boards I discussed above.

BEST CUT BY: round noticed

Circular Saw Plunge Cut

Lower Sorts and Noticed Comparability Desk

CUT TYPES Miter Noticed Round Noticed
Rip Cuts If noticed rotates 90 levels, not typical Greatest for rip cuts
Bevel Cuts Greatest Not as straightforward, however succesful
Miter Cuts Sure Sure
Cross Cuts Restricted to narrower materials Greatest for wider materials and longer cuts
45-degree angle lower Most Correct Might be completed
Compound Miter Angles Greatest for correct compound cuts Least Correct, might require field or jig
Plunge cuts Restricted to narrower materials
typically 10″-12″ items
Greatest for any width of fabric

BONUS: A round noticed can be used rather than a desk noticed to chop a half lap joint, like in our popular farmhouse X end table plans, the place half of the width of every board is eliminated to create a decent cross-joint.


The primary noticed we bought was a round noticed, then a miter noticed.  Relying on you mission wants, we hope that this helped you along with your determination of which one to get first.  I do advocate to have each for certain in your instrument field.

Mission Concepts

Now that you just’ve chosen your noticed (or determined to get each!) — let’s get constructing with these woodworking plans:

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw Rectangle 1000x1500 1