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Have you ever ever heard of a Hügelkultur? The identify means hill tradition (pronounced hoo-gul-culture) and it’s no unusual raised mattress. It’s a no until technique that has been used for hundreds of years however it’s not very well-known within the gardening neighborhood. It’s a raised mound or hill that has outstanding properties that improve in impact yr on yr. It’s extremely fertile, extraordinarily good at holding water, has extra floor space and is shockingly productive in terms of rising many various fruits, flowers and greens.

How do you make a Hügelkultur? A hügelkultur has a easy design and is a lasagne like layering of supplies that’s constructed as much as type a hill. So, when you’ve got plenty of backyard waste resembling leaves wooden and garden clippings cluttering up the panorama don’t throw it out! Use it to create a enjoyable and rewarding Horticultural experiment. First you begin with digging a shallow trench (though this isn’t wanted) and putting massive logs of wooden within the allotted area. As these break down, they are going to act as a large sponge and can provide your vegetation with water and wanted carbon for years or many years to return.


The very best woods to make use of are apple, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, aspen and birch. The more durable the wooden the extra longevity the hügelkultur may have as they are going to break down slower. There are some woods it would be best to keep away from which have toxins resembling black walnut or wrestle to decompose resembling redwoods and black locust.

As soon as the massive logs are positioned you’ll then add progressively smaller logs, branches and sticks on prime. These will break down faster than the massive logs and can serve the identical goal. These layers are additionally a implausible place for useful funguses and critters to inhabit the soil and can a present moist breathable substrate in your vegetation to achieve all the way down to and thrive in. it would be best to infill after this with some soil to assist break down the wooden and fill in any massive voids of area under.

Subsequent, we are going to lasagne layer on prime completely different natural supplies. Issues like straw, grass clippings, cardboard, leaves mulches and manure. Make it possible for in between each couple of layers you set skinny layer of topsoil. It would be best to make these layers not more than an inch or two thick. Create as many layers as you would like and extra can at all times be added within the subsequent season. Some outdated and established hügelkulturs could be as tall as 5-6 ft.

Lastly it would be best to cap off the hügelkultur with layer of topsoil that’s deep sufficient to plant your crops in. this could be round 2.5-3 inches. Give it loads of water to offer it a powerful begin and also you now have a extremely productive raised mattress that can require little or no upkeep and watering.

Why not attempt one thing new this yr and impress your folks with this attention-grabbing and spectacular horticultural method and the fruits that it yields.


Jeese Morris – Graduate Landscapes

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